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How stuff Works

VFI Asia offers game publishers several methods to help with low cost worldwide shipping. By utilizing a mix of small and large postal packaging and LCL distribution to global hubs, we have many ways to handle different projects. Additionally, as a group of gamers, we are able to offer simplified and intelligent pick and pack services, as well as using our own retail and distribution chain to increase publishers' presence in Asia post KS campaign.

Most projects can be broken down into two categories: small parcel or big box. 'Small Parcel' is any campaign that, with all add-ons, comes in under 2kg when boxed. This is most card games with some promotional goodies and a play matt. 'Big Box' is anything over the 2kg limit, including large packages up to 20kg - pretty much any big miniatures campaign or lots of expansion boxes.

For 'Small Parcel', by using China Post Air, we can ship to almost any country at a similar low price. Most of these will be received without VAT due to the low dollar value. This is great for shipping to all backers outside of the home country of the game. The game's home country will often be best served by bringing an LCL shipment in. This allows for all of the extra stock for sales post-campaign. For 'Big Box', the lowest cost shipping model works out as LCL to the US, LCL to Europe, and Consolidated LCL to Australia. We bring in multiple campaigns, then pick and pack them and consolidate with our partner Aetherworks for final distribution into AU/NZ. We can additionally do the pick and pack for the LCL to the US and EU, which can be especially helpful if a campaign has components coming from multiple locations in China. 
We can recommend our freight forwarder and customs brokers from the US. We strongly recommend against using Chinese freight forwarders/ brokerage which will offer you a low quotation but charge many hidden extras and are not responsive to special requests and inquires.


Retail and Distribution
VFI Asia runs in conjunction with Games Warehouse, a game shop to accommodate gamers in China. Most of our sales are driven by Taobao, a web store similar to Amazon in China. We are also working with other 'brick and mortar' stores in the greater Asian area to help get titles to shops at lower rates than bringing them back from the US. Translated or easily translated games are best, as they can be sold to both native and English gamers.

Our partner, Aetherworks, also has a larger distribution chain than VFI Asia, and can move much more volume in AU/NZ. They also offer convention presence and other services; please feel free to discuss directly with them pre/post campaign.

VFI Asia and Games Warehouse believe that gamers in Asia should be able to receive their games at or below MSRP, same as gamers in the US or EU. To this end, we focus on keeping costs down by taking out extra freight to and from abroad and customs charges, etc. This will help grow the game market in Asia and publishers’ global presence. 


Quality Control and Warehousing
Our team of international board gaming specialists have already been to several factories to inspect production quality. Our Quality Control inspections can be configured to help speed up production and take out some of the risk of approving samples without seeing the final production run. We can also warehouse extra copies of games in case any are lost, damaged, or are needed for future campaigns as add-ons.



Our staff members can help recommend some factories that we have personally visited and have seen the quality level.

Shipping rates

Our services

Our Services

VFI Asia employes a team of trained staff, who provide professional and timely services.We aim to achieve 100% accuracy with each packaging project. We strive to complete even the largest projects within 5 days of all material arriving.​​ Our shipping boxes are of durable quality and combined with hand wrapping in bubble wrap. We make sure they look great leaving our warehouse and arriving at their final destination.

Board Game Fulfillment and Distribution in Asia

Don't pay for overpriced corrugated packaging products. We can fulfill your corrugated needs at a fraction of the cost of our US competitors. We will simply add your order to the LCL container that your games will be supplied in. 

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